Jade Helm Update: Texas Governor Deploys National Guard Against Jade Helm Troops!

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Everyone knows by now that the largest joint military training exercise in the history of our nation is set to take place this summer. It’s known as Operation Jade Helm 15, and much of the training activity seems to be focused on the state of Texas.

Many Texans have been on edge since the announcement of the exercise. “Conspiracy theories” (so the main stream media is calling them) such as secret tunnels under Walmart stores, used to connect secret military operations locations, the disturbing appearances of United Nations medical vehicles throughout the southern states, fly-overs of blackhawk helicopters in small towns across the nation, and even surface to air missile defense systems going up seemingly overnight have not helped. Word getting out of the Government placing a HUGE order for portable morgues certainly didn’t help, either.

Further, military officials in charge of Jade Helm have given the public notice that some of the special ops training may include, but not be limited to, special ops soldiers ‘stealing cars and committing petty crimes such as breaking and entering and petty theft’ in order to achieve their objectives of reaching certain locations in specified periods of time.

Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, showed true leadership skills in penning a letter to the head of the Texas Army National Guard, ordering him and his men to be ever watchful over the citizens of Texas and their property during the entirety of the Operation Jade Helm 15 “training exercises.” Click on the “Jade Helm” icon below to be taken to a copy of the letter from Texas Governor Abbott to Major General Gerald “Jake” Betty.

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  • Mick

    I have read the Gov. Abbotts letter but it offers no comfort. The fact remains they, by their own documents, they consider Texas/Texans “hostiles”. Additionally, any military person will tell you, the military trains in the terrain for which it intends to operate/invade/occupy. I refuse to consider any of their false explainations. We know from the US governments history with Native Americans how their words are just that only words-with no meaning or intent. I feel the Texas State Government should have been more forceful and been in contact with the President and Dept of Defense to advise them that many here consider this operation an act of war against one of it own states. As I have stated previously, Secede NOW before its too late if its not already! We should Secede as granted the right by both the Federal Constitution and our Texas State Constitution, give 48 hours notice to Feds to get out. Anyone here after that would be considered spies and dealt with accordingly. Establish our Republic again, Take control of all military and national guard facilities ports and border. Work with other like minded States to form a more perfect Union. This is the ONLY way to avoid the tyranny and blood shed that is here. And the blood shed may be unavoidable in either scenario, thats up to them.

    • Mary Hayden

      I hope Tennessee is willing to join Texas in fighting the feds for our freedom. If you aren’t on the coasts, secede and create our own country where the state’s rights are held sacrosanct. We can keep the flag, stars adjusted, and the Constitution. Liberals on the coasts don’t need or want either of them.

    • Duncan

      This is total nonsense and rubbish…; what’ve you been drinking/smoking?!!

    • Shelby Largent

      The socialist, communist, liberal anti-American people in our government and the elite pushing the buttons need to be brought down. Our country and the very way of life that we have grown up in is sadly coming to an end right before our eyes. Homosexuals imposing there discracefull lifestyle on our children and families is just another way of destroying the America built by our parents and their parents. We need to build strong militias around the country to watch over and correct ongoing anti-American groups including school boards, law officers, mayors, and any and all elected officials who break the laws of this country by simply creating new ones to legally justify their corrupt handling of the opportunity to serve given them by the People.

    • RC

      Y’all need to give your tinfoil hats a rest.

      The military collectively *hates* this administration. there is absolutely ZERO chance that (even if the idiot-in-chief WERE to order the unthinkable) any orders for the US Military to harm American Citizens would be followed. Those would be UNLAWFUL orders. Soldiers have a duty to the NATION, not the suit behind the Resolute Desk.

      Ease up. Give our soldiers – YOUR SOLDIERS – a break. They’re not the enemy.


  • Thomas

    The nation guard is not being deployed. This was a letter to the state guard, which is a completly different organization.


      As a retired officer in the TXSG I appreciate this post. The people who write this drivel cant even read a press release.

  • Lee

    Ok…just to clear the waters a little…my girlfriends son, is a special forces TRAINER, for Delta Force…and this is exactly what is happening…the west Texas area and its small towns and the way they are spaced out is very similar to how things are in the middle east…the desert terrain and the small towns…the war against ISIS is being fought in very similar surroundings. AND they are not able to send in MASSIVE amounts of troops to fight these guys, when they do, they just fade away into the desert…so what they are having to do is learn a new way to fight them with SPECIAL FORCES…they drop these guys off in the desert MILES outside of a village, then the guys have to walk out of the desert and insert themselves into that village WITHOUT BEING NOTICED…they have to learn to blend in…then from there they can conduct warfare on ISIS by calling in airstrikes against targets, and putting “lasers” on targets so missiles and smart bombs from drones can hit the targets…its called putting a SPARKLE on the target…BUT THESE GUYS NEED A PLACE TO LEARN HOW TO DO THIS!…so they are being taught to infiltrate these small WEST TEXAS towns, by walking out of the desert, and blending into the local population and they CANNOT make anyone in town suspicious of them!…if they do they fail!!! they have to come in, find a place to stay or hold up, even get a local job, and play like they belong….IT IS TO MAKE THEM BETTER SOLDIERS SO THEY WONT GET KILLED DOING IT FOR REAL IN THE MIDDLE EAST!!!…SO PLEASE EVERYONE GET OFF THEIR BACKS, AND STOP THE CONSPIRACY CRAP, AND LET THESE GREAT HEROES LEARN TO DO THEIR JOBS!

    • Betty

      Thank you for a reasonable comment!

    • West Texas is one thing, that I could understand because the desert terrain is a good training area. I lived out by west Texas for years. But, what I don’t understand is east Texas. It is swampy,wet, and nothing like the terrain over there. So if they are “training” to “blend in ” in a desert terrain, east Texas is the wrong place to do it, so please hand that BS to someone who’s not from Texas, especially since I’ve lived in both areas for many years each.

  • Deb

    Why is obama still in office. In this video on YouTube he says he’s not American. He was born in Kenya!