Jade Helm Update: Strange Goings On For Today!

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The online watchdog group Operation Jade Helm And Beyond is inundated, daily, with hundreds of messages from concerned patriots from across the nation. They chime in with what they are seeing in regard to all things Jade Helm. Try as they do, by updating their wall every fifteen minutes with these anonymous messages, it’s still not enough to get them all out to the American people who need to read them. Hence, here is a collection of several messages from today of many strange things that are brewing.

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I just moved to the Fort Lauderdale area 2 weeks ago. Last week I went apartment hunting and checked one out in Deerfield Beach. The apartment I looked at, the Tri Rail, commuter train, ran right behind it. The manager told me they went fast and you hardly notice them. Then, she told me, lately there’s been freight trains using it and she called the city to find out why. They told her it was something to do with the federal gov. Not sure exactly what. Why would they be using a commuter line for “freight”? HMMMM?!?

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I live in Sandusky ohio. For 3 nights straight trains have passed by in the early morning heading east carrying tanks, hummers and armored vehicles. Any idea why? I mean this is like 3am travel and it is usually moving at a high rate of speed compared to a typical train.

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Picture below taken in Atascocita, Texas


I live in Springfield Mo. And I saw 6 tanks being transported east on flat bed train cars and the guys watching them looked like they were wearing Jade helm uniforms.

I live in Gadsden AL, and there was a convoy of over 60 personal carriers and Humvees in Attalla AL. this past weekend. We see one or two convoys a year and it’s about 5-10 cars and that’s it. So just going to let you know so you can get it out there.


I have noticed a military plane flying overhead since last week. It is solid gray with no markings or identification to indicate where it is from. Also, noted a military plane flying around with what looks like a satellite dish on top.

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  • There are no dedicated commuter rail lines in FL. They are all CSX rail lines and are used to move freight including military hardware. Did the train go north or south? They could be moving the equipment to the port or away from the port to whatever bases they came from. You can’t drive the tanks from point A to point B individually, too much fuel and wear on the units.

    I noticed Connex boxes behind the Wally Worlds too. That’s where they keep the off season merchandise that didn’t sell. Chia-Heads and what not.