Jade Helm Update: Setting The Final Trap With Traffic Counters!

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Operation Jade Helm 15, an alleged military training exercise, is set to swing into full operation 15 July, and run through 15 September. However, with massive reports from across the nation of increased military buildups, blackhawk flyovers of small communities, and Walmarts shutting down, allegedly due to their secret tunnel systems underneath, and large Government orders for portable morgues, it appears as if Jade Helm might already be in operation, and the shi* is really going to hit the fan on 15 July.

Reports from across the nation have been sent to Operation Jade Helm And Beyond lately of mysterious ‘car counters’ or ‘traffic counter’ strips showing up in supposed Jade Helm territory.

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Once concerned Texan recently sent the following private message to Operation Jade Helm And Beyond.

Just wanted to send in some information. There have been a lot of low flying military helicopters spotted in the Cedar Creek area of Bastrop county (Texas) as well as an unusually high amount of “car counter” strips throughout the entire county. Anywhere from country gravel roads to paved city roads in major neighborhoods of Bastrop. They are all over the place…

They are black strips they put across the road to monitor traffic patterns. Typically it’s only done on gravel roads to determine if they need to be paved. Over the past 2 weeks they have been all over the county… In neighborhoods such as ColoVista, Tahitian Village, Riverside Grove and Hunter’s Crossing as well as out in the more rural areas. I’ve lived here for almost 20 years and have never seen this many.

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We asked this individual if they thought the strips might be to study traffic patterns in order to ‘better herd the sheeple’ once the shi# hits the fan. Their response:

Yep, combination of knowing escape routes dissidents might take when they decide to enforce lock-down, and estimating volume of citizens in particular areas so they can know how much man/fire power they will need in order to enforce that area.

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