Jade Helm Update: Mysterious Surface To Air Missile Defense System Appeared Overnight At This Location!

jade helm air defense missiles

The best sources we seem to have during the upcoming reckoning known as Operation Jade Helm appears to be concerned citizens; true patriots who are concerned with our American way of life as we know it.

jade helm missile 2

One such citizen, Dave Hodges, recently photographed what appears to be a surface to air missile defense system that just appeared in the middle of nowhere over night! Here’s what Mr. Hodges shared with the American people via his Facebook Page Micro Effect:

Jade Helm Is Designed to Take America Directly Into World War III…..Forty five miles south of Lubbock, Texas, lies this “new” Air Force facility. It has seemingly appeared in the middle of nowhere almost overnight.
This Air Force facility is home to surface to air missiles which are pictured below. Ask yourself, why would a martial law drill (i.e. Jade Helm) need to include surface to air missiles located in the middle of a vast wasteland near Lubbock, Texas? Surface to air missiles located 45 miles Southeast of Lubbock, Texas.
Paul Martin tells me that the local Emergency Director, a county Judge, as well as some Sheriff’s Deputies have been made aware of the presence of this site and one other possible site. It is important to keep in mind that Jade Helm 15 officials have already declared Texas to be a “hostile” state.
The above photos clearly speak to the fact that the end game for Jade Helm 15 is not martial law, it is World War III and the United States military is preparing to be attacked. If you are shaken to the core, as I was, and you should be, you need to fully realize that these reports on Jade Helm are not an exercise in fanciful speculation. America is about to change forever and we are all in a great deal of danger. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!…. Dave Hodges

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  • vince

    In reference to Jade Helm, this is getting blown out of proportion!
    Here is the truth!
    I am a former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier, to include combat zone service, honorable discharge, retired, and with VA disability. I am also an NRA Life Endowment member as well as Life Member of Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America.
    I have both participated in many of these special operations exercises in CONUS, as a troop and then as a contract role player as well as an exercise planner.
    The exercise is exactly what the DoD and USASOC (A), my former command for over a decade (www.soc.mil and http://www.socom.mil), say it is.
    We have been doing exercises like this since the early 1950s, out in public and with the help of the public.
    I know what I am talking about, and certainly won’t depend upon poorly written stories going all over the Internet that never show any proof and really serve no constructive purpose. (so, who are you going to listen to? A guy who has been on the inside or a bunch of keyboard commandos who have never been on the inside.)
    In addition, I am a member of two different SOF alumni groups, both of which are close to our former commands, and believe me when I say, word would have already gotten out of there was some kind of conspiracy or nefarious government plan underway.
    Its a bit of a slap In the face to us super-patriots to have people accusing us of some type of martial law ruse and these other rumors. Its really unfair to automatically discredit our dedicated service and sacrifices all because someone leaked an Unclassified // FOUO slideshow and a bunch of uninformed people decided to make up some story based upon it. Its all fiction and will be disproven, I can assure you of that.
    Its a waste of time and effort that patriotic citizens could be better spending their time on.
    We need these type of exercises to be able to conduct unconventional (guerilla) warfare, Counterterrorism, direct action and strike operations, foreign internal defense (FID), special reconnaissance, COIN, intelligence operations, and more. Wars don’t occur on military bases, they occur out in public domain. Thusly, the need for us to conduct training exercises in rural and urban areas. It also costs the taxpayer far less money vs. trying to simulate these types of missions overseas.
    So, this Jade Helm conspiracy theory has no merit at all.
    I am glad that we have so many watchdog groups and patriotic citizens using social media to keep informed. But, we also need to be objective, facts based, and seek to avoid blatant spreading of false propaganda.
    There are certainly scandals and coverups worth pursuing, as we do in fact have some nefarious and corrupt people in our government. But, this Jade Helm nonsense is just that.
    I think that the focus should be on unity and getting out the vote, so that we can take back the Executive Branch and Oval Office as well as get a super majority in both houses of Congress.
    The bottom line is that this is necessary, there is no hidden nefarious agenda, and if one ever wonders why our Special Operations Forces (SOF) do so well in operations overseas, this is why.
    And if you want to see who we are, rather than insult us with unfounded conspiracy theories, watch the video and learn. We are partriots and we are the good guys.

    • Deborah

      So a guy behind another keyboard with only a first name and not capitalized at that…just because you say so we should take that as having merit? You have no more credibility on this page than anyone else. If that offends you, I apologize. Logically, you could be my next door neighbor….

      • Matt

        Well, former military here as well. I was stationed in TX actually. The quote from Mr.Hodges is clearly delusional, uninformed, and……..crazy. I’m not saying the govt is all good, I’m sure nobody thinks that, but this really is getting blown out of proportion by people who don’t know anything. As Vince said above me, trust the troops. These operations have been happening for a while now. With Obama in office, it’s no wonder uninformed citizens pull these ludicrous accusations from out of thin air. There are so many soldiers in the military with a genuine love for country, family, and friends. More than likely, nobody is going to be able to convince them to harm what they have fought dearly for over the years. Stop with the delusions, it does nothing but create unwarranted fear. People like Mr. Hodges make the media’s job too easy, don’t support it.

    • Thank You

      I appreciate reading your comments. Though I have unfortunately come to a point where there is little to nothing about the existing corporate and political entities that I trust, I do realize there are some really good and hard working Americans out there. However, by others opinions at least when it comes to “government” entities (not military) there seems to be less than 10% that try to do the right thing for America and the people, vs the corporate entities though which they receive their paychecks.
      My experience with the Military, the very few encounters with US Marshals and I do consider possibly the FBI, do a good, hard and dangerous job while staying true to the Constitution and the American individual.
      That being said, I have never observed, seen nor experienced a Cop stand for the rights of any individual. If I had I would call them a Police. Though we do occassionally read of a good Sheriff whom protects the people in their community honoring their Constitutional Oaths. However, they seem to also be few and far between. One sheriff when asked if they would stand with and protect an American if threatened while standing on Constitutional principals would that Sheriff stand with and defend them, that Sheriff laughed and said he would be happy to tell the individual what was on the menu at the jail. So, that was a no.
      Anyway, Blessings to all who stand with the founding principals and the Constitution vs blindly or eagerly using force to beat good Americans into submission to an entity they wish to have no political, commercial or corporate relationship with. THANK YOU.

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  • jason

    Those are used for nuke defense.

  • Bud Brota

    Dave Hodges needs to keep an eye out for what that installation is protecting, or, what possible civilian aircraft it could be in a position to eliminate.

  • Dan MacRae

    Dave Hodges is a pathological liar, who fabricates this crap to recruit the paranoid morons who can’t think for themselves. He is a LIAR and I can prove it, going back a few years to the time he claimed Russian troops have taken over an Alaskan town and the population was living in fear. I have a friend who lives in that town. Enough said. Dave Hodges has some serious mental health issues, and so do most people that follow him.