Jade Helm Update!!! Map Of The Walmart Tunnels!!! Underground Military Bases!!!


Are we going to be invaded during Jade Helm 15? The map above gives a breakdown of the known underground tunnels along with the entrances for the tunnels at the closed Walmart stores.

Tanks and other Military Equipment have been spotted in the areas where the Fema Camps and underground military bases have been established. Are you prepared?



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  • AZWhitey

    How can the United States take over the United States. You folks are nuts.

    • Bordeaux11611

      The United Staes is allowing the United States to be taken over by hostile forces. That is why our “representatives” in “our” gorvernment are laying down and playing dead when it comes time to defend us. They are being informed of what is happening, the gradual takedown of our country, AND with our permisssion most of the time, and they are being told that if they don’t object and play along and lie to the American people ( ” I’m sorry, we tried to get the votes, but we just somehow couldn’t, even though we are the majority”), then they and their families will somehow be saved from whatever is going to happen to us, the “little people”. So basically, the people we are electing to protect us are screwing us for their own safety and the safety of their families! But really, HOW SAFE are they really going to be? They should have fought the good fight!

  • John Lane


  • Mj Tay

    that map is dated 1978, so many of these walmart were built in the future. Amazing anticipation of Jade Helm 15…uncanny

    • Bordeaux11611

      The downfall and destruction of America was planned and agreed upon a LONG time ago! We never did win World War 2. It is STILL being waged. Hitler DID NOT die, but was escorted to South America along with his cohorts. We are going to pay dearly for our “win” in World War 2. Patton could see this and tried to take care of it and he was assassinated for it!

  • JD

    Fucking wack job, anti-American, right-wing terrorists.

  • SoundMind

    I never did check into the Wal-mart closures, but it’s worthy of further consideration.