JADE HELM UPDATE!!! Hundreds of Armored ‘Red Crescent’ Military Vehicles Spotted In Georgia!!!


Despite the fact that JADE HELM 15 officially ended Sept. 15th hundreds of armored, enclosed, Humvees, were spotted and filmed loaded aboard a massive freight train making its way through the area.

What is noticeably alarming about the military vehicles in question is the fact that a Red Crescents have been painted onto their sides which typically signifies affiliation with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, a group that is often deployed during times of disaster.

But these vehicles are used mostly in Arab Countries.

by DAHBOO777



    That is we’re they r going to help countries with the refugees problem

  • Donna Crowell

    Then since the open borders and boat loads with air plane delivery of illegals to Our America by the ” illegal Hussian” thats chief prentending. While destroying all that keeps us American. Please wake the hell up. These camps are for We the Freedom Thinking Americans. Not these illegal, terrorist, commie Hussian, Dilbilly, Bernie Sanders dicators!

  • Thomas Holt

    Could they be headed to a port for shipment