Jade Helm Update: Creepy Midnight Phone Calls From…


From who? That’s the answer several woman who’ve contacted the Operation Jade Helm And Beyond Facebook page would like to know.

From a concerned citizen:

I got 2 phone calls from Calhoun, GA on my cell last night 5 mins apart. I let it go to voice-mail both times. The VM (voice-mail) was 7 seconds long both times, nothing in the beginning, sounded like a computer then @ the end a recording said “Test App. State Zero”.

UNEASY & CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!

And then there was this:

I’ve been receiving calls from different Government offices in my part of Louisiana, and every time I answer, I hear a recording say, ‘Test App. State Zero.’ Do you guys know what this means?

Recently, military trucks have been seen pulling up and unloading gear and equipment at Walmarts that were allegedly closed for ‘plumbing repairs (click here for story). Air defense missile systems have been set up in the middle of the night (click here for story). And military bases that have been inactive for years are now active and filled with troops (click here for story).

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