Jade Helm Update: Beware Unmarked Portable Missile Launchers!


It’s getting scarier and scarier out there, in regard to just what our Government might be up to with this whole Operation Jade Helm 15 nonsense. Concerned citizens with watchful eyes and ears to the ground from across the nation are taking pictures, gathering intel, and reporting their findings to Operation Jade Helm And Beyond. 

This disturbing report on the truck pictured both above and below came from a concerned citizen from Abilene, Texas.

I heard something odd today here in Abilene TX. First off, this guy shows up at the airport in what looks like a nice truck/camper. My husband spoke with him. This is not a camper but an unmarked remote missile control station. Surface to air missiles. He was USAF, delivering this to Dyess AFB. Now this is odd to me as our base is a B1 bomber base and has C-130’s. The fact, also, that the control station and the driver were both unmarked as military is also strange.


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