Jade Helm Official: “If The Ni**ers Won’t Start This By God One Of Ours Will!”


There is a massive manhunt underway in Charleston, South Carolina for a man who may never be found. People close to the situation, speaking only on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue, believe the recent shooting in S.C. is a false flag attack, perpetrated by elements of Operation Jade Helm, in order to re-ignite race wars in America so that the Federal Government can justify the implementation of Martial Law.


“They tried to kick it off in Ferguson,” an official, wishing to remain anonymous said. “But the whites wouldn’t react. Then they tried in Baltimore, but again, the white’s kept their cool…

… this time it’s different. This time, whites will have to act when they (blacks) retaliate and come after them in their homes.”

It’s believed that the entire concept behind Jade Helm’s “Mastering the human domain” is the total psychological understanding of how people react as individuals and groups, and that the U.S. Government, under Operation Jade Helm, is set out to use its complete understanding, and historical underhanded practices of controlling the public through espionage, infiltration and false flags, to end freedom as we know it and setup a socialistic Government, perhaps, to assure U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama’s rule does not end when his time is up in January of 2017.

What’s interesting to note about this ‘white shooter,’ is first, his height and build. It’s the same as the average American male, making him almost impossible to stand out in a crowd. Had he been 6’2″ or 5’6″, it would have been a different story.

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Also, he bears no distinguishable marks, like tattoos, piercings, or scars. How convenient.

And finally, check out that Dutchman Paint boy haircut and the color of his hair- dirty blond/light brown- the most common color of hair among white males in America.

Our slave masters couldn’t have picked a better drone bee, who’s probably been trained at both the C.I.A.’s farm and the sniper lanes and special forces fields of Fort Benning, Georgia.

Looking forward, watch for either the shooter to ‘die by his own hand via suicide’ or go out in a blaze of fiery fury, but only after enough time has passed to allow the catalyst to start the fire it’s meant to start- an all out race war, for justification of Martial Law. And when and if the body of the ‘shooter’ is produced, it will more than likely be one of a former homeless vagabond, perhaps one of many who’s already been rounded up off the streets in South Carolina and sent to the FEMA camps in that state, to be used for such purposes as we are finally seeing now.

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  • Meat Eater

    They have the shooter arrested

    • Gail Schwartz

      Just paying the porch monkeys back for dead & fired & jailed cops. Right where u live

    • Gail Schwartz

      Strange. VERY very strange. On Facebook he’s got porch monkeys on his friends list. Must be true. The nwo or nsa or what the hell ever they are are real. Oh it’s dammm REAL. Hope they don’t infiltrate my brain. But I fear it is tooooo late. I am not in control of.my.brain anymore. Just 24/7 tv saves me