Jade Helm: It Is Being Reported There Is A Civilian Death!!!



According to YouTuber ProperGandersaul, a civilian named Farley Bishop was gunned down in the streets of Texas this morning, supposedly by Jade Helm Military personal, as he was casually walking by. 

Now, we don’t know if this is something that actually happened, due to the fact he didn’t provide his listeners a link. 

We are still trying to vet this story, so it is up to you to do the same as well. We will post an update when more info becomes available.

By, Ashley Jones The Pete Santilli Show 

(Before It’s News)

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  • Deep Esophagus

    It took me 15 minutes of image searching to figure out this is a hoax. Didn’t the name “proper gander” suggest anything to you? Try saying it without the “r” sound. Journalists apparently don’t bother to do even the most basic due diligence before reporting any unsourced rumors as news. “We don’t know if it’s true, but we’re going to report it anyway.”

    Note that the source isn’t really a video, just a still image surrounded by ominous music. The image itself is from a June 2009 riot in Tehran. You were played like a gambling addict at a Mafia casino.

  • Sgt_Undead_X

    Thank you @Deep Esophagus, nice debunk.