JADE HELM Is In Full Force With 36,000 Troops From More Than 30 Countries For “TRIDENT JUNCTURE”


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Well friends, Jade Helm is firmly underway.  Just yesterday Investigator Derrick Broze drive right into the center of the very Camp holding the drills to get a close look. If he’d have gone today he probably would have been met with considerable resistance, considering the shooting of the 4 Marines in Chattanooga. If you haven’t seen his video I’ll link to it in the description.

But here’s something that just hit on the very same day Jade Helm began.
And we need to put it in perspective.

Only about 1500 soldiers are participating in Jade Helm. But this October over 36,000 troops from more than 30 countries will be gearing up for what NATO calls its largest exercise in over a decade. Its called “TRIDENT JUNCTURE”

According to the Russian State sponsored media outlet Russia Today, NATO’s focus is a threat from ISIS, while Russia has been invited to observe the massive exercises that mimic a coordinated threat matrix from air, land, and sea.

Seems odd that such a massive exercise would be focused on ISIS while NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg has clearly stated on multiple occasions that Russia is the growing threat.

As we’ve reported here NATO has been conducting large scale exercises all year and  historic scale exercises have been conducted on US soil, including Jade Helm.

While all this is happening Americans are distracted by calls from the NAACP to sandblast Confederate monuments on a mountainside in Georgia, Memphis votes to dig up Confederate corpses, and state legislators waste tax dollars on removing flags.

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If that’s not enough of a distraction the 2016 presidential election looks like a three ring circus act with Republicans exiting a clown car as Hillary cracks her whip.

No one in the corporate media seems to mention these exercises even as 12,000 Russian troops with 250 aircraft prepare plans for their own massive exercises in September called “Tsentr-2015.”

The international game of chicken is undoubtedly underway. Both sides know that the fiat banking economy is no longer sustainable. The house of cards is about to be blown away.

The only question remaining is who will pick up the pieces?
For the Next News Network I’m Gary Franchi.

By Blogdog

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  • Nate Lankister

    My question is, Why sit here and wait… to let everyone who are trying to take over this country get here and get settled, Why Don’t we stand united and not let them get the upper hand and come over here so that they can attack from the heart of the country.. Why Don’t we do something now before it’s to late? “United we stand Divided we fall”

    • Magnus

      Because if we were to fire the first shot, all of their “domestic extremism” rhetoric will ring true to the uninformed masses. If, on the other hand, we play it smart, wait and watch, and AFTER they have fired first shot, then they can’t spin the so-called “civil disobedience” to their favor whatsoever. The uninformed masses, those still within their delusional little ‘Me Bubbles’ of “everything’s fine” will FINALLY wake the hell up and smell the scrap for what it really is. Then, and only then, will Americans set aside their petty differences and get up off of their asses to do something about this mess. Then and only then can we really become a united force to be reckoned with. I know only one thing for an absolute certainty and it is that if we act preemptively, we will not succeed. I don’t like that notion any better than anyone else, but that’s the plain truth of it. If you look back into history you’ll really understand where that’s coming from. No revolution ever happened because the few stood up too soon – they, instead, were steamrolled.

      • Nate Lankister

        Very true, it has already commenced 72 citizens were shot in Boston refusing to let the “military” or “police” confiscate their weapons?