PatriotMissileBattery-Turkey-680x365Officials have revealed that ‘hackers’ took over and successfully issued orders to military hardware placed to protect Turkey along its border with Syria. TheLocal.de advises, “the missile system carried out “unexplained” orders. It was not immediately clear when these orders were carried out and what they were.” The Local goes on to examine possible vulnerabilities hackers could exploit in the complex Patriot missile defense system.

Scary for Turkey, scary for Syria, but we’re safe from that stuff here at home in America, RIGHT?

Pretty disturbing, right? Turkey has the missile deployed on their border for a good reason, to shoot down missiles potentially threatening the country from Syria, but what if your government has a massive deployment of troops and military hardware inside its own borders and that hardware became the target of hackers?

Right now that is exactly what’s going on across the U.S.

Jade Helm 15 is a massive military drill designed to test U.S. military hardware and troops in urban settings. The very idea of a hacker interfering with military weapons and other gear is pretty terrifying, but analysts warn Jade Helm 15 also is a test scenario for a military artificial intelligence system. Just let that sink in. Suddenly, sitting over in Turkey might not seem like such a bad place to be.

Source: The Local Germany

Image: U.S. Army Europe Images on Flickr

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