Jade Helm And FEMA Update: FEMA Camps Are Nearing!!! Please Be Prepared…


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the secret government here in the United States. This agency has been granted more power than any other in the history of the Nation. FEMA has the power to suspend laws, it can arrest people and detain without cause. It has the power to keep citizens locked up without a trial. FEMA can seize your property, your food or your transportation. FEMA can even suspend the United States Constitution.

Executive Orders were used by the President to establish FEMA. This practice is unconstitutional, but that does not matter because it has happened. It became a law as soon as it was published in the Federal Registry.

The powers that FEMA has been granted are pretty scary. Now with the Jade Helm 15 training that’s going on, they are more prepared than ever to implement martial Law.

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