Jacksonville Marine Veteran Standing Guard At Armed Forces Recruiting Center Told To Leave Or Be Arrested!!!

11753725_1003788446339274_5946851163420649273_nJACKSONVILLE, NC. – A Jacksonville Marine veteran is no longer allowed to stand guard outside of the Armed Forces Recruiting Center in the city.


Matthew Benack, identified as a 20-year Marine veteran, said he would be at the shopping center on Western Boulevard with his gun to protect those inside the recruitment center.

“We’re not a force to play with,” Benack told WNCT.  “The lion is ready to play and is always ready to play.”

Matthew Benack took up a sentry post outside the Center in Jacksonville, North Carolina in response to the deadly attack on five members of the U.S. military last week in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Police said the vet was within his constitutional rights to have a loaded weapon outside the center as long as the unidentified property owner gave permission.
Benack said the owner, represented by Coldwell Banker Commercial Sun Coast Partners, initially allowed him to be there, but quickly changed her mind. He was asked to leave Tuesday by the property management firm.

Benack said he hopes the owner will reconsider.

Grayson Powell, with Coldwell Banker Commerical Sun Coast Partners, issued a statement.

Westwood Village Shopping Center is a proud supporter of the military and has been honored to have the Army Recruiting Center as one of our valued tenants here for more than a decade. We value the sacrifices our armed forces make for this country each day and hold all branches of the military in the highest esteem.

We take the security of the recruiters in Westwood Village extremely seriously and are in communications with them about the best way to work together to ensure their safety and the safety of all of our tenants. Yet having an armed civilian who is not known to us, the recruiters or the police arrive to stand vigil in a busy shopping center has the potential to create an unsafe environment, and it is our responsibility to ensure both our tenants’ and customers’ safety.

As the property management firm for Westwood Village, we represent the interests of the owner. As such, we will continue to communicate on the owners’ behalf with the Army Recruiting Center and the Jacksonville Police Department on the best ways to ensure the safety and welfare of the recruiters and all of our tenants and customers.

Grayson Powell, Coldwell Banker Commercial Sun Coast Partners

by WNCT Staff



  • Jason Dipofi

    I say we boycot cold well commie banker now

  • [email protected]

    No one is reminding people that a muslim terrorist shot and killed a U.S. Army recruiter in Little Rock in 2009. Did our politically correct military do anything to protect our recruiters then? HELL NO!!! Then it happens again in Chattanooga, TN last week. Did our military do anything to protect their recruiters? HELL NO!!! Unless you take wearing civilian clothes and closing the blinds as protection. What will you Pentagon bureaucrats do when the next recruiters are shot or blown up? It’s past time for you recruiters to bring your concealed weapons to protect yourselves from the islamic terrorists who have already warned you they will attack you and you families.

  • Jim Parker

    I guess the owner is one of obozo crooked cohorts not suprised if they cared it’s free security not paid by them and I don’t know about anyone else but I like free

  • Robert Langley

    Wonder how hard it would be to find the womans name so she could have it our in public she doesn’t want our service men protected…

  • Todd Edwards
  • redtruck38

    Screw You Coldwell Banker Commercial Sun Coast Partners. I hope your families are the first ones shot by the terrorists!!! You will deserve it you un-American Bastards. You owe them, They are only recruiting soldiers so that you can own your little building and your sorry-ass property management co. You Pussies disgust me!!!!