It’s Official! Obama Just Made A BIG Move To CANCEL CHRISTMAS

obama cancel christmas

I am a middle aged American, and those of you out there who are also a middle aged American, will remember quite vividly growing up with a certain tradition in D.C. during Christmas. It’s a tradition that we’ve shared with our kids, many of whom are now grown and have begun the same tradition with their children.

However, the tradition must now stop, because Hussein Obama has put an end to it.

What is this Christmas tradition of which I speak (or type)? It is the fun filled, family friendly annual Christmas special known as “Christmas in Washington!”

From media outlet The Washington Post:

After last year’s show, hosted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, TNT announced that it would no longer broadcast the Christmas special, ending a 15-year partnership with veteran producer George Stevens Jr. and his son, Michael. The Stevenses, who had just been ousted as the producers of the Kennedy Center Honors gala, said they were in search of a new broadcast partner.

But a new network sponsor was never found, and according to the Stevens Co., the 2014 broadcast was the last.

“Christmas in Washington,” which began in 1982, was like a grade-school pageant on steroids. The night was filled with marquee musicals acts such as Earth, Wind & Fire, Tim McGraw, Gloria Estefan, Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey, who crooned Christmas classics on stage while the first family and other Washington VIPs sang along from the audience.

For the big finale everyone, including the first family, headed to the stage for hand-holding, hugging and a big singalong. It was a hot holiday ticket and decades-long tradition.


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