It Was Just A Quiet Drive Through His Hometown… Then THIS Happened.


It seems more and more that extreme viewpoints are becoming mainstream.  When did tolerance mean agreement and acquiescence?  Honestly I don’t think either of them have the right attitude about honest immigration.  Tolerance means understanding each other’s points of view and deciding to disagree peacefully… if you must resort to violence, you have lost the argument.  Is society doomed because of wingnuts like these two guys?

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  • Dan davidson

    Not sure how they can say he’s wrong when we see everyday how non believers in Islam and Shariah law are jumped and beaten or even killed like that Serviceman in London was hacked to death ! They are unable too show tolerance toward any nonbelivers of Islam ! They have to be stopped !

  • brucethedrummer

    Honestly I think liberals know that this is how Islam behaves itself. I think liberals are scared of muslims and hope that cowering in fear, the Muslim will leave them alone.