It Has Happened… JADE HELM Has Begun, Cell And Cable Is Down All Across America!!!


Here’s the link to AT&T’s down detector page. People are freaking out all over the state..comments in the thousands right now!!

Can anyone report in on this thread that has these carriers what they’re experiencing?

Here’s a map of the states who are being affected right now.

Wow, some of these outage maps are lit up like Vegas. Looks like some people saying it started around midnight pacific time?


Time Warner Cable:



Green Bank, West Virginia !!!Cell Phones Are Banned!!!! NO Wireless

Mountain Turnpike twists through dense oak, hickory and spruce trees and keeps winding, like a slithering snake, through the mountains that separate Virginia and West Virginia. But on a clear day, looking south from the Monongahela National Forest, what looks like a giant white Lego structure emerges from this sea of green.

And that’s about when it starts. Your cell phone drops reception. Your radio spins, unable to pull up any stations. You can shake your phone all you want, but it won’t help. If you’re a city slicker accustomed to continuous connectivity, you might start to panic.



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  • Richard Bates

    Head SHOTS to defeat the body armor !

    • Ron

      Great idea. You may get one or two of them like that, but then the military brings its armored vehicles, M60 machine guns, mini guns, shoulder-fired missiles to wherever you are. Give them a hard time and they won’t be able to pry your guns from your cold dead fingers. Your fingers and other body parts will be scattered over every corner of your basement, backyard, state park — wherever you choose to make your final stand.

      • Anna Love

        Better than being dragged off to a camp by the Nazis!

        • Ron

          2015 America is NOTHING like post world war I in Germany. Germany just lost a major war and was humiliated by the Treaty of Versailles which required nearly $900,000,000,000 in today’s dollars (that’s $900 BILLION) in reparations for starting the war. There were several factions jockeying for power so there was little continuity in government. Inflation eventually reached 100+ percent on a weekly basis. Savings and retirement funds became worthless. The German people looked for a powerful and persuasive leader and found one in Hitler, and when he got into power, the people obeyed him blindly, just hoping he could turn things around. America has none of these factors present today. No censorship of the media, no one being dragged out of bed at midnight by several army thugs at gunpoint, then disappearing entirely without a trial. Yeah, I know that martial law suspends many of our rights, but that’s not going to happen unless we come under attack by a foreign army. If that happens, do you really think the military is going to spend its resources trying to get citizens to give up their guns instead of fighting the invaders?

          And if the military goes from house to house confiscating guns, I’ll guaranty that the vast majority of gun owners will say “here ya go” when they are facing an overwhelmingly more powerful force. Are you and Mr. Bates willing to sacrifice your families too? Some citizen starts shooting at our military, a couple of soldiers see a friend killed, the house/garage/barn and everyone in them will be turned to dust by an M60.

          • As for U saying: “the vast majority of gun owners will say, “Here ya go” when facing an overwhelmingly more powerful force”, I beg to differ. I can’t speak for anyone besides myself. That being said, (GOD Forbid) IF I were to find myself in such a situation, to quote Patrick Henry, MY verbal response would be, “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!”

          • Ron

            So be it. If this country went so far as to enact a confiscation program then they would probably accommodate you, and your family would most likely be collateral damage. Question: If the government did confiscate our guns but NOTHING else about our country and society changed, are you saying you would rather die than just surrender your arms? I’d appreciate it if you could answer without expanding on the scenario. No “If they take guns they’ll take away all other liberties in time”.

            I own multiple guns, I have friends who own multiple guns. I know them well enough to say that they would give the government a hard time at first, but when the safeties click off on the several powerful guns facing them, oh, yeah, “here ya go”. No, they’re not wimps. They just know how to choose their battles wisely. One does not go into battle against a vastly superior enemy unless it is known that the enemy will kill you even if you don’t fight them. Live to fight the next battle. I admire your commitment, but your death under these circumstances would be meaningless. Our little pop guns won’t scare the police or military when they have prepared for such confrontations with their heavy duty equipment.

            However, the point is moot. No one is coming to confiscate our guns. They can’t simply go door-to-door asking, “Do you have any guns sir or madam?” Even if they had a comprehensive list of all guns and owners, we’re talking about millions of gun owner households. As soon as the program started, everyone would know about it and the guns and/or owners would disappear. The feds couldn’t come up with a workable program to collect more than a small percentage of total guns in our hands.

          • Your hypothetical question is just that hypothetical. It would never happen. As I said before, in the history of the world no government has ever just stopped with taking away their peoples ability to to defend itself against them…
            I am all for a gun free world but until the government gives up their weapons first there is a need for the people to be able to defend itself against said governments.

          • Ron

            Thank you for the response Josh. You presented your position well and tactfully, something I can’t always do myself. It’s tough to say that you’ll be proven correct, but I can’t say that about my own postings either. That would require that we be able to predict the future. Although it’s a noble position for you to take, I think we all know that worldwide confiscation of guns would never happen under any scenario. With regard to your response, I don’t think any of the countries in which gun confiscation took place had a strong constitution like ours. We have had 200++ years of extremely stable government without any serious coup attempts. Even the civil war was about secession, not taking over the U.S. government. Had the U.S. government allowed the south to secede, the civil war would probably not have happened. The point I’m trying to make is that our strong constitution has been honored by every administration since George Washington. Many people regularly accuse Obama of violations of the constitution, but that’s only party rhetoric and talk show sensationalism. Unfortunately, the authors of the amendments to the constitution wrote a somewhat clumsily worded second amendment that left things open to interpretation. The supreme court is called upon in almost every session to render a judgement on someone’s understanding of it. The meaning of the second amendment is probably the one most hotly debated. If there is ever an unprecedented attempt at gun confiscation (highly, HIGHLY unlikely), I believe it wouldn’t be a case of the government simply ignoring the second amendment, I think it would be done under an administration’s attempt to change the second amendment to allow confiscation. It would be HIGHLY unlikely they would have any success with that. But, assuming the worst — that the government just decides to confiscate guns despite the second and fourth amendments — I doubt they would use it as a springboard to ignore the rest of the constitution. The second amendment is unique in that it’s not pro versus con, it’s more like radical pro versus radical con. The rest of the constitution and other amendments don’t generate nearly that much long-term animosity. In America, I can’t bridge the logic gap between gun confiscation and the government ignoring all other provisions. I’ll close this with a suggestion for you: Go to a gun store, range, gun show, etc. and ask the people there to list why they own guns. See how many of them don’t mention defense from our own government first (or second or third). Some will not even mention protection from the government at all. The overwhelmingly number one answer will be for personal protection and home defense against intruders. At least that’s my experience. Even the radical faction of the NRA treads lightly about needing guns to defend ourselves from a rogue government. Thank you again for your response, Josh.

          • AMEN!

          • Ask Urself this: WHY would they want to disarm law-abiding, sovereign citizens in the first place? Outlawing guns only places them in more criminals’ hands. Think Prohibition. Anyone with alcohol at that time was a “criminal”, except the elite. After they take away guns there’s always more to follow. It’s not about gun violence; it’s about control. I’m not a sheep. I’m not asleep. I’m wide awake and I am surrounded by family members in the military, past & present. I know enough to know this isn’t right. And only a fool would think they would come and politely ask for ur guns. My family won’t be collateral damage. It’s me & my husband now & we know what to do in order to defend ourselves IF a hostile situation should arise, GOD forbid. All I’m saying is… worst case scenario… I would rather die fighting than to be forced into some concentration/re-education camp. Remember the words of Benjamin Franklin: “THOSE THAT WOULD GIVE UP ESSENTIAL LIBERTY IN PURSUIT OF A LITTLE TEMPORARY SECURITY DESERVE NEITHER LIBERTY NOR SECURITY!”

          • Ron

            Fortunately, you won’t have to make the choice between being interned in a concentration camp or dying in a gunfight. This country has existed for 239 years with absolutely NOTHING the magnitude of the gloom & doomers’ version of Jade Helm happening. Nothing even close to it has happened in our past. This hysteria is nothing more than the alarmists trying to outdo each other in their bizarre speculation on the significance of their observations.

            Their theory of a sinister Jade Helm is beginning to fall apart already: (1) We’re almost at the end of the allotted time for the Jade Helm exercise and nothing has happened. No bullets flying, no citizen roundup, no EMP, no disruption of communication, no troops goose-stepping down every Main Street in America, no word of ANY gun confiscation activities. . . nothing; (2) those closed Walmarts will be reopening in October or November. They were the centerpiece of the alarmists speculation. Without the empty Walmarts, the alarmists’ claims of internment centers, holding cells, tunnel entrances, corpse processing equipment, etc. cannot be true.

            No, you won’t see anything even close to your worst case scenario. If your guns are legally owned, they will be yours forever unless you commit a felony, engage in threatening behavior, or commit spousal abuse. And no, there will never be enough legislative support to overturn the second amendment. There has never been a major gun confiscation effort in our entire 239 years of existence, and it’s not going to happen now.

          • Thank you, seriously. I’m becoming more & more aware of the constant “fear-mongering” (the action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue) being spread, for whatever reason, whether it be a distraction from other issues, to keep control of the people through fear or some other nefarious reason. These days it’s extremely difficult for me to tell the difference between real, accurate information, misinformation & disinformation.
            For those who don’t know… “Disinformation” should NOT be confused with “Misinformation”. *Disinformation: Intentionally false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately. It’s an act of deception & false statements to convince someone of untruth. *Misinformation: Information that is Unintentionally false.
            It’s also not an easy task to figure out who is being honest & truthful with their messages, blogs, youtube videos, etcetera. In closing, I truly hope you can understand how all the stress & confusion of these things can/have affected me in the recent past and influenced how I have responded to you &, perhaps, others. Thank you, again, for your time.

          • Ron

            Great assessment and explanation. Unfortunately, without exhaustive personal research, no one viewing all these videos can distinguish between disinformation, misinformation, and reality with any degree of certainty.

            My Opinion:

            Disinformation commenters: Trolls, shills who make money from generating public panic, “look-at-me, look-at-me!!! people.

            Misinformation commenters: People who take a small bit of information and fill in the unknowns with what they think is happening, then pass it off as fact. They’re quick to label everyone who doesn’t blindly believe in their theories as “sheeple” and advise that we all have to WAKE UP!!”. You seem to regard them as less damaging than disinformation people, but their “shoot-from-the-hip-and-to-hell-with-common-sense” method of analysis still creates the desired panic. “Look-at-me!!! I’m an expert, how dare you disagree with me!!!” paranoid people.


            Common sense is the best gauge you have to filter out the improbables. America has existed for 239 years. NO attempts to confiscate citizens’ legal guns. That’s right — ZERO attempts. Government sanctioned internment camps, mass execution of “undesirables”? With the exception of Japanese internment camps in WW2, again –ZERO. Thousands of miles of secret tunnels criss-crossing America? That makes absolutely no sense at all.

            Challenge a commenter to PROVE a claim that’s straight out of the Twilight Zone. The response will be anger and name calling (for your insolence), some bizarre explanation that’s as loopy as the original comment (probably involving “anonymous sources”), or a list of links to other conspiracy theorists’ videos (great proof).

          • Thank you for leading me back to a much more logical reality in these most confusing times. I honestly appreciate your time & effort in doing so. God bless you & your loved ones.

          • Rooster Cogburn

            The vast majority…you could be right. But there are also those of us who have not only received the same training, but many of us who have received a bit more training, than those who may or may not come knocking. We’ve also faced enemies in battle before, and aren’t as easily intimidated as the sheep in this country. I guarantee that a lot of us will see nothing but enemy combatant traitors, and we will take many of them with us as we go to meet our Lord and God.

          • Ron

            You’re right, there will be some brave people who do whatever they can to fight the confiscators. Unfortunately, their suffering and probable ultimate deaths will not change anything. Not only would the rebels die, they’d take some military people and police out with them. The irony would be that many of the individuals you wound or kill would not be rabid gun control advocates. And if I thought that gun confiscation would only be the first step to total government suppression and control, I’d probably put on some camo and join you. However, I can’t take the leap of gun confiscation somehow leading to heavy fascism in America.

          • Rooster Cogburn

            If they follow orders that go against their sworn oath…then they are traitorous enemy combatants and I don’t give a rats ass how many of them get taken out. If a person can’t honor an oath sworn before God, he has no honor and deserves whatever happens to him. Our oath in the military is to the Constitution, and therefor it is to the people that Constitution represents. We swore absolutely no loyalties to a corrupt corporation posing as a Government.

            Keep trying. There are more of us than you think. I’d advise you to study the history surrounding gun control. It has claimed the lives of 88 million innocent people in just the last 100 years. Without the means to fight back, they do what they want with the people.

          • It is so good hearing other Combat Vets know what the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is. Most think it is a country, like the act of 1861 never happened.
            I agree, we rose a hand to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. If they follow orders that go against the constitution (making them unlawful orders by definition) they are the domestic enemies they swore to protect the constitution from.
            I personally think if they plan on taking the guns they will need to commit a false flag on us soil that is so big that the UN needs to step in. I believe many if not most US service men would refuse these unlawful orders to confiscate the guns. This will cause them to need foreign troops. But then again maybe that is wishful thinking because I know the unit I served with would not follow these order. However, we would have fallen under the category of better trained than the guys knocking to steal our weapons from your other post.

          • Rooster Cogburn

            The UN is most definitely an enemy to the Constitution. They show up here (many are already here) to do the Govs bidding, and it is an act of war against all of us. No doubt about that. Pray that it never happens, but prepare for it anyway. People like us will make all the difference.
            Sua Sponte!

          • Ron, look at the history of the world. Whenever a government takes away the peoples ability to protect itself a form of totalitarianism is put in place. You are naïve to think otherwise.
            The reason the right to protect yourself and bare arms is so high is because the British took our weapons then started banning protest and papers that spoke against the king. They then started turning their homes into make shift barracks. This is where the third amendment comes in. They literally took tools to defend themselves and then forced their will on us.
            This is not an isolated incidence. In fact, history tells us the colonies got it easy compared to when others governments have done this. Most the time genocides happen after this…

      • Imagine if the forefathers of this country did not do anything because king George’s armies were so much more advanced than yours…

        • Ron

          Good analysis, and thank you for bringing it up. But I think the Brits had two huge handicaps. First, they had to bring all their troops, equipment, and ammunition across 3,000 miles of ocean, a daunting operation. Second, our patriots were fighting on their own turf. That creates an enormous advantage in that the patriots were much more familiar with the territory AND they were defending their own homes. I’d guess that in those horrible times, all the British soldiers wanted to do was go back home.

          Further, the balance of power between the Brits and the Americans was there, but it wasn’t a chasm. They both had single shot rifles that were tedious to reload. They both had cannons, but admittedly, the British had more numerous and sophisticated ones. I think the forefathers probably had a vigorous discussion about “us versus them” and chances for success. Superior tactics? The British wore bright red coats and stood in rigid ranks. For the largely camouflaged patriots hiding behind trees and stone walls, it must have been like one of us going to a carnival and shooting at those fuzzy dummies lined up in the back of the booth.

          Compare that to today. Mr. gun owner answers a knock on the door and is greeted by a soldier or two who politely ask for his guns after informing him of the requirement to turn them over. If he doesn’t, some armored military equipment will pull into the driveway and the gun owner will be ordered by bullhorn to step outside. Tell you what, if I saw that impenetrable vehicle in my yard, best I have is a .357 magnum that might make a few little marks in the paint. Nope. . . I’m not ready to die for that. And any gun owner who says he’d bolt the front door, break a window and start blasting away — well that’s just suicide by stupidity. By the way, the government is NOT coming for our guns.

    • Rooster Cogburn

      Head shots are great, but also fantasy. Going to give you some advice here. While you’re trying to hit that kill window…yes, there is a window if you want the kill shot in the head…your adversary isn’t taking the time to do that, and is only worrying about a hit. Do yourself a favor and do the same. All you need is to hit them. Shoot them right in the hip, the thigh, the shoulder. You will take 2 or 3 out of the fight this way. The one you hit, and those needed to carry him away.

  • Ron

    Everything here is fine, not even a blip. We must have the most incompetent military in the world. They apparently don’t know that when engaging an enemy (U.S.citizens are the enemy, according to conspiracy theorists) the first thing you do is disable ALL means of communication between elements of the enemy. If what you people are describing is attributable our military in accordance with Jade Helm — some disconnects here, others over there a few hours later, some partially come back on, others are made fully functional, etc. — the military should be ashamed of itself, especially since they have had months to plan it. The other option: The outages may simply be the result of random electronic equipment failure, perhaps because of the heat. But. . . Jade Helm conspiracy theorists will not even consider any options other than gloom-and-doom-we’re-all-gonna-die. Routine outages and maintenance are not glamorous enough for them.

    • What do you mean jade helm conspiracy theorist? Do you not know that the government has admitted to it?

      • Kris Wertz

        Admitted to WHAT Sherlock??

        • Your going to insult me after asking that? What topic are we talking about? What is this article about? Jade Helm. The government has admitted to the operation. They are just spinning it saying there is nothing to worry about and is normal. There is a town hall meeting where a major in the Special Forces is addressing people in a small Texas town that some of the drills leading up to the operation were talking place in. Look it up on youtube.
          There is no need for your weak attempts to insulting me. The operation has been admitted after a DOD document about it was leaked. It exist that is a fact and not a theory. What is up for debate is the goals of the operation.

  • BlvdCruiser1

    Getting so tired of these BULLSHIT posts almost as much as the stupid people that believe them !!!!!

  • Pam Kalka

    I spilled hand lotion on my phone and it is not working right….is that a sign? Has it started? Will I be rounded up put on a fema train sent off to a closed Wal Mart store and forced to shop with out dated coupons?…… AAAHHAHAHA! The next big day is Sept 15, That is when Planet X does a drive by – the fallen angel aliens take over the earth. All the 1% escapes to Mars. I wonder if I could hitch a ride?

    • Ron

      The 1% ers would not take you to Mars. You’re too logical and can think critically. They don’t like that.

  • Ed Ferrusquia

    When this is all over, I hope you people stop giving CLICKBAIT BULLSHIT like this any more of your time, attention, and clicks. The owners of these sites get paid per click, and to attract the feeble-minded they use the clickbait that will get the most idiots flocking to their page. Then once you’re there Alex Jones hocks his bullshit products, Glenn Beck tries to sell you gold or whatever the fuck he’s into, and they’re all in it for the $$$. Stop rewarding them for their utter contempt of you, their audience.

    Yes, the mainstream media is corporate fuckery, but you need to read yourself some actual journalists every now and then; the alternative to mainstream misinfornation shouldn’t be conservative misinformation. Jade Helm isn’t taking over America, Obama isn’t Muslim, there are no FEMA death camps, and Alex Jones is a fucking idiot. Seriously, all the shit info you’re fed by sites like this, Lord knows progressives don’t need more reasons to not take you people seriously.

  • carlos

    Retarded Fools with their disinformation.

  • Mark P Provenzano

    Looks like Nena Sullins is the only person in the country

  • Tommy DiLallo

    I HATE conspiracy theorists!