ISIS Threatens To Cut The Tongue Out Of Anyone Who Says THIS About Them

isis pigs

ISIS wants you to think that they are the meanest, baddest group of thug hooligans since Genghis Khan’s Khans. They want you to lie in fear at night, unable to sleep, as you imagine them beheading you for eating bacon or not beating the hell out of your wife for burning the rice, or for not sleeping with your niece when she reaches the age of menstration, as it is ordained to do in their sick, twisted ideology which is a political agenda they have attempted to disguise as a religion, Islam. Oh, and the leftists liberals actually think that it is a religion, so at least they’ve fooled them.

However, call them a certain name, and they will whine and cry like the little bitches they are. What is the name? Is it “those pu**ies who don’t eat bacon?” No, that’s not it though it is a good one.

The most offensive term you can use to refer to ISIS, according to them, is DAESH, and if you do, and they can get their goat humping hands on you, they will cut your tongue out.

Why do they take such offense? According to NBC News:

“It’s a derogatory term and not something people should use even if you dislike them,” said Evan Kohlmann, a national security analyst at Flashpoint and a contributor to NBC News. “It would be like referring to Germans as ‘Huns.’”

“They hear it, quite rightly, as a challenge to their legitimacy: a dismissal of their aspirations to define Islamic practice, to be ‘a state for all Muslims’ and — crucially — as a refusal to acknowledge and address them as such.”

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  • Scooter Tramp

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  • rod

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    was born of a pig in a sty, who’s mother mated with a dog, thus his fear of pigs and dogs. He did
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    • Jonny Rebel

      Dogs are Civilized, Muslims are not….

  • Ray Slatton

    screw them nuke them

    • Jonny Rebel

      Turn Mecca to Glass…

  • Jonny Rebel

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