ISIS Smuggler: “We Will Use Refugee Crisis To Infiltrate The West”


Remember the story of the Trojan Horse? Well, obviously our enemies remember that story very well, for they are using a modern day Trojan Horse against us. Muslim terrorists are taking advantage, as all third world peasants always do, of the big, kind hearts of the Western people in regard to the refugee crisis. They know that such idiotic ways of thinking like “white guilt” or “Western guilt” exist, and they are capitalizing on it. Muslims from third world countries, though less educated than most dogs in the U.S., know that most Western citizens, especially Americans, have never left their own countries and believe that “everyone around the world is pretty much the same and just wants the same thing.”


Muslims want to kill you if you are not one of them, and third world peasants are insanely jealous of Western wealth and believe Western Governments just “give” everything to the people, and that they can just cross the borders into our countries and be provided for- including Government provided maids to clean up after them when they shit in the streets like they do in their third world countries.

A recent article in media outlet WND reports of the concept of “Hijrah” which means, “stealth Jihad.” This is the Trojan Horse. ISIS is infiltrating the refugee camps heading into Europe and putting sleeper cells in place. One ISIS smuggler admitted to the outlet that they now have 4,000 terrorists in place, and they plan to more than double that number in the weeks ahead as the Western nations continue to cave out of feelings of pity and simply let the enemy walk through the door.

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