ISIS Savages Targeting Innocent Children In The Most Evil Way!!


We’re all aware that cowardly, ISIS militants use women and children as human shields and it’s hard to believe they could think of something even more heinous, but they have.  It’s the kind of attack most Americans wouldn’t see coming because it’s so very evil.  If our child would find one of these and pick it up, we wouldn’t even think to stop them.  The holiday season will be kicking off with the Black Friday frenzy next week and they’ll be everywhere we go.

Iraqi Security Forces have seized more than a dozen booby trapped dolls which had been part of an ISIS bomb plot against Shia pilgrims.  Security Forces in Baghdad diffused and destroyed 18 IEDDs which had been hidden inside the hollow bodies of children’s toys, before being dressed in doll clothes.

ISIS had planned on scattering the doll-bombs on the road between the Iraqi capital and Karbala, where millions of Shia Muslims are set to walk during the annual pilgrimage for Arbaeen next month.

The booby-trapped bombs were discovered by the security forces in al-Husseiniya-apredominantly Shiite suburb in northeastern Baghdad.

Evil savages…


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