ISIS: Follow These 11 Rules Or Be Executed!! (#5, #7 And #8 Are Happening In Obama’s America)


In addition to being barbarians, ISIS also seems to have a fondness for making lists for, and announcing the consequences to, the infidels who choose not to follow their religion and rules.  The following is the latest of their many threats to Christians and B. Hussein Obama seems to be implementing a few of them here in America.

According to Conservative Tribune, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is reporting that Christians in towns captured by ISIS have been given 11 commandments to follow or be executed.

The following are the 11 commandments interpreted :

1. Do not establish any church.
2. Do not show a cross or Christian books on Muslim roads and in Muslim markets.

3. Do not let Muslims hear recitations of Christian books or the pealing of Christian church bells.
4. Do not perform any aggressive acts against the Islamic State group.
5. Do not perform any Christian worship rituals in public.
6. Respect Islam and Muslims.
7. Pay the jizya (a tax on non-Muslims).
8. Do not own weapons.
9. Do not trade in pork or wine with Muslims and do not drink wine in public.
10. Having a separate cemetery is allowable.
11. Follow all regulations of the Islamic State group. (H/T Eagle Rising)

#5 is something we’ve all become familiar with as the liberal agenda of Obama has included removing any reference to Christianity from our public places, including schools.  #7 sounds like Obama’s attempts to remove the tax-exempt status from Churches and #8 becomes the liberal battle cry every time there’s another (fabricated?) mass shooting.

We can’t help but ask ourselves if the similarities of Obama’s progressive agenda and ISIS’s 11 commandments are coincidence or if Obama is leading us to Sharia law?

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