ISIS Fighters Get SPECIAL ‘Surprise’ After 8 Women Lift Their Burkas

lift burka

Several weeks ago, a high value ISIS commander was vaporized in his home in Syria by a U.S. Reaper drone. The story of exactly how the attack went down has recently come out, and it’s one for the ages!

Eight British special forces soldiers (SAS) were hauled into the town where the Muslim scum leader was staying in what he thought was a ‘safe house.’ The SAS were in full female Muslim garb, and they pretended as if they were the wives of the local scum Muslim terrorist fighters. They found the house where the target was staying, called in the coordinates, and then BOOM! Off to meet his 72 virgins he went!

However, this explosion caused the whole town to go on lock-down. ISIS scum was lining everyone up against walls and threatening to kill anyone who’d helped the spies. As the eight SAS soldiers were boarding a van to leave town, they were encountered by gunmen. Instead of lining up against the wall, the SAS soldiers lifted their burkas, revealing their weapons, and began firing away. They killed one of the scumbags and sent the others on the run and then were able to make it safely out of the area of operations. All eight survived the super awesome, super secret mission.

Now the fighters of ISIS know what it’s like to have people blend in with the local population and then go boom! Let us know your thoughts on this story on our Consciously Enlightened Facebook page by clicking on this blue sentence. 

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  • James Bruce

    Who dares wins

  • Unjust System

    I have seen a similar article and I think it is SUPERB!! the ONLY time I support the wearing of a burka!

  • AleAle Alejandro

    To me it sounds like made up bullshit well because it is bs