ISIS Downs Jet & Putin Goes For Throat, Hits Targets Obama REFUSED [Pics]

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Everyone knows U.S. President B. Hussein Obama has no intentions of defeating his Muslim brothers of ISIS. He said only days ago, just after the Muslims attacked Paris that he “had no interest in America winning” against ISIS.

Well, fortunately for the free world, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, does have an interest in defeating ISIS, and he’s doing just that.

Below is a story put together by blogger Sean Brown, who frequently writes for several blogging sites:

Few people would disagree that Barack Obama’s alleged “strategy” against ISIS has been weak at its very best, which has caused other world leaders to step up and take care of business. One of those leaders is Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, and he’s going directly for the throat, in retaliation for ISIS downing a Russian passenger jet, by hitting the targets Obama flat-out refused to touch in an epic series of sorties over Syria.

Earlier this week, Russia announced that it was finally determined that ISIS did in fact set off a bomb on one of the nation’s passenger jets, which ended up killing over 200 people. Well, unlike Obama, Putin doesn’t mess around when it comes to dealing with those who’ve harmed his people. His retaliation has been both swift and hit the terror group right where it counts – in their wallets, and he promised it’s only going to get worse.

Putin Goes For ISIS’s Throat After Downing Jet, Hits Targets Obama REFUSED [Pics]

“Our military work in Syria must not only continue,” he said, according to theIndependent. “It must be strengthened in such a way so that the terrorists will understand that retribution is inevitable.”

According to MailOnline, on Tuesday alone, Russia’s military brought apocalyptic vengeance upon ISIS in their self-declared capital of Raqqa, Syria by flying dozens of sorties over the city and raining down cruise missiles from the sea. The military destroyed some 206 targets on that day alone, which included killing at least 33 militants, and they specifically went after the terror organization’s oil and fuel supplies.

Putin Goes For ISIS’s Throat After Downing Jet, Hits Targets Obama REFUSED [Pics]

ISIS reportedly takes in some $350 million annually from selling oil internationally, which is the major source of funding for its terror activities. Until now, their network of tanker trucks, wells, and pipelines had remained relatively untouched, even though Obama claims to have been striking them over the past year.

Now, thanks to Putin, the barbarians are going to have to do without more than 500 fuel trucks, along with diminished capabilities at their refineries. Putin has also vowed to be unrelenting in his retaliation, which will undoubtedly weaken the terror group even further while finally capping its seemingly unending flow of cash.

Putin Goes For ISIS’s Throat After Downing Jet, Hits Targets Obama REFUSED [Pics]

France has also partnered up with Russia, apparently because the American response has been so weak, and their Air Force rained hell upon Raqqa as well the past several days. President Hollande said that they’ve dropped 20 “massive” bombs on the city, and he’s also vowing to “destroy” the terrorist group to avenge the deaths of over 130 in the brutal attacks in Paris.

Meanwhile, Obama said in the wake of the Paris attacks that he’s not interested in achieving victory over ISIS while harshly criticizing the opposition to his lackluster response to the group, which many believe is what allowed it to grow so rapidly.

Putin Goes For ISIS’s Throat After Downing Jet, Hits Targets Obama REFUSED [Pics]

“What I’m not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of American leadership or America winning or whatever other slogans they come up with that has no relationship to what is actually gonna work to protect the American people and to protect people in the region,” Obama said at a press conference.

And there you have it, folks, in the president’s own words. People wonder why so many Americans have been praising Putin for his efforts, but the answer is right before their eyes – Putin is a true leader, who’s looking out for the best interests of his nation, which happens to include the destruction of ISIS.

I’m in no way saying our interests are completely aligned, but at least he’s showing some type of leadership in this entire ordeal, and he appears to have the eradication of evil from the planet squarely in his sights. Obama does not, and it’s apparent at every turn.

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