ISIS Claims New Victims: 38 Infants Killed For Sharing One Thing In Common

isis kills infants

Just when you thought the swine that makes up ISIS could not be more inhumane, we are proven wrong again. This time, Daesh has taken a page out of Adolph Hitler’s playbook.

What’s amazing is how so many “open minded” people in the West view the actions of Daesh as perfectly acceptable due to their religion. It’s perfectly okay, according to liberals and most mainstream world media outlets, for these barbarians to do what they do, but by God, don’t you dare own a rebel flag!

So what is it they’ve done this time? According to reports from Breitbart and the Jerusalem times, Daesh has now issued a Fatwah calling for the euthanation of children with Downs Syndrome or other congenital birth defects. Adolph Hitler did the same thing during WWII and the world banned together to defeat the evil, yet today, 70 years later, the world bans together to say something like this is perfectly okay, because it’s just “culture.”

isis exterminates children downs

According to reports, as many as 38 children have been either lethally injected or suffocated to death by ISIS due to their physical disabilities.

This is sad news, indeed, and it seems that the current path we’re on, with Hussein Obama leading the way, there’s no hope for the innocent people under Daesh rule any time soon.

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