Is There A Modeling Job In The Future For America’s First Transracial Rachel Dolezal?


We certainly do live in amazing times. And I’m not just talking about how far we’ve come in medical or technological advancements. We live in an amazing world of imagination, where we can literally be anyone we want to be.

A world record setting (at the time) Olympian, who’d dominated the male’s division of the decathlon, can up and decide he’s all of a sudden a woman,and he makes the cover of Vogue magazine.

But that pales (put intended) to that wacko from Washington, Rachel Dolezal, who YES DID put on black-face make-up, according to her brother, who she’d claimed was her son, and made her way all the way to the top of a major minority political organization, the NAACP.

What’s amazing, is how many libtards will actually support these delusional idiots with their fancies, instead of trying to convince them to get the mental help they so obviously need. I mean, I won’t be surprised if they don’t go as far as to put the ‘trans-racial’ nut from Washington on the Aunt Jemima pancake box, or on the cover of the next issue of Ebony!

So, my fine fellow Americans. What is your imagination leading you to become? A unicorn? One of the my little ponies?

I’d like to be Rainbow Bright, but just for a little while, because I actually kind of like the person I already am.

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