Is The Queen A Closet Nazi?


Something is afoot at Buckingham Palace.  The Sun newspaper today released footage of the royal family taken in the 1930’s.  It is causing a significant stir because it shows (now) Queen Elizabeth II being taught to give the Nazi salute as a young child.  It should be noted that in the 1930’s “the salute” was a world-wide phenomenon, believed to have originated with the Roman Empire, and was even used as the salute for the American Pledge of Allegiance.  Also one should bear in mind that prior to the outbreak of war in the 1938 timeframe, Hitler was viewed as a savior in Germany who was sparking a renaissance in culture and economy.  Germany hosted the Olympics in 1936 and Hitler was awarded a Nobel Prize for Peace.

Was the Queen a Nazi Sympathizer?  Probably… but certainly not once the secrets behind Hitler’s success were revealed.

For more information, look here and here.

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