Is Obama Being Added To Mount Rushmore?

obama on mount rushmore

The libtard leftists have done gone and lost their minds again! Unfortunately, this absurd act that they’d like to see happen may actually come to fruition!

There is actually a movement to get the ugly mug of Barack Hussein Obama carved onto Mount Rushmore, and it is picking up steam!

From media outlet Mr. Conservative:

A campaign has been launched to land Barack Obama’s face on Mount Rushmore, and it’s already gaining support from the liberal community.

According to Liberty Briefing, it all started with a suggestion from Obama’s former debut chief-of-staff, Jim Messina. A movement quickly developed, snowballing through the liberal community and even inspiring a Facebook page.

This is yet another example of Obama-lovers treating the president like some sort of God. While the four presidents on Mount Rushmore have a long list of accomplishments that earned them their spot on the national monument. Unlike them, Obama has a long list of failures that should ensure that he never is honored in any way, especially not with a spot on Mount Rushmore.

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