Is It Time To Leave The United States? See What Obama Has Planned For The U.S.

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Why does the American government feel it necessary to place such large orders for items pictured here? Why does this country need 30,000 “GUILLOTINES”? Also, they were not even made here, but in China.



Here we have underwater body bags. Again, why do we need this type of thing? We haven’t ever needed them before now. Is it possible to get an answer out of the Obama administration as to what they are for?




In the pictures above and below, we have 500,000 coffin liners with a cost of over $1,000,000,000! Why does the United States of America need so many and at one time?




Below is a map of the current FEMA Camps. Hopefully you will never have to see one up close and personal. The question here is, why do we need so many?



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