Iran And Russia Pick Up Obama’s Dropped Ball In Syria And Run For Middle East Touchdown!

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No President in U.S. history has been more pro-Islam that our current President, Barrack Hussein Obama. He was handed a winning game in Iraq when he took office, and decided to pull the entire team off the field by bringing home what the previous Bush administration deemed necessary, a remaining security force of 20k to 30k troops, to keep the peace among the Muslim swine of the region who have proven throughout the centuries that they simply can’t go without killing, raping children, and performing heinous acts of bestiality.

I digress, but I’m sure you can understand why. It’s too easy to get off on a tangent when talking about all things hatred directed toward Hussein Obama and Muslim swine, which are really one of the same, since Hussein Obama is a Muslim swine.

This week, Russian military forces landed in Syria to help back that nearly fallen regime’s central Government. News has come out just within the past 24 hours that Iranian forces have also arrived in Syria to help the Russians protect the Syrian regime and keep it from falling.

Hussein Obama has done nothing but give the Middle East back to the Muslim swine who wish to pose a threat to the West, and they are so by partnering with our old Cold War nemesis, Russia, in order to get that job done. All we can hope for is that it doesn’t take an eternity to clean up the mess Hussein Obama has caused in the Middle East during his eight year Presidency.

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