Insider Leaks Paralyzing News: Obama To Cancel Election??? Stay In Office!!!


In this shocking report Alex Jones from Infowars interviews insider Larry Nichols—a former Clinton insider—about how Hillary will beat the email scandal and how Obama will remain in office when a crisis hits.

(Before It’s News)


  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    While I agree with all that is being said, I have to point out

    that I do not believe there will be a 2016 Presidential election.

    Obama being in the White House is planning to declare martial

    law, supending the Constitution, cancelling the 2016 election.

    When you consider that he is bringing in millions of syrian

    refugees, which cannot be documented, there will be terrorist

    among them. He is spreading them out all across the country in

    every major city. We know that there are over 30 jihadists

    training camp across the country, which the FBI and law

    enforcement cannot touch.

    Ask yourself this question: What are extreme islamic jihadist

    terrorist mostly known for doing? Blowing themselves up and

    taking as many as they can with them.

    Imagine this scenario: In every major city in the United States,

    one terrorist with bombs strapped to his body, or car or truck or

    van can select an area/event where many people can be taken out.

    I do not believe that an EMP attack will be used to take down the

    power grid. They will still need their communication.

    This is all that will be needed for our treasonsist potus to

    declare martial law, suspend the constitution and cancel the 2016

    presidential election. He will declare government control over

    everything in the United States. He will declare himself a

    dictator in chief or king. This is when all hell will brake


    This is something serious to think about folks. I do believe

    that b.h.o. has no plans of leaving the White House and allowing

    someone else to undo all that he has done.

  • Kit Rice

    It is happening now. If we dont find a way to get him out of the white house, we will be in war before the next election. He is out to make america the largest muslin nation in the world. Why do you think he opened up the boarders, which papers filled out on anyone with a muslin background was totally lost and then he wants to take in 10,000 “refugees”? Most of these people are terriorists who will fight under him as dictator. Germany has already recognized the fact that only 44,000 of the people in their country are actually refugees, the rest are terrorists. Look it up.