Injured Deer Checks Itself Into Hospital Emergency Room! No, Seriously!


And now for a tale from the land of you can’t make this stuff up, comes a story out of Rochester, New York. Today, a deer was hit by a car, and it checked itself into the emergency room at the local hospital.

From WHAM 13 News out of New York:

Minutes after being struck by a car, a severely injured deer wandered into the emergency department at Strong Memorial Hospital Monday. It made it through the ER doors just as a patient was being wheeled inside. “As they were pushing me and everyone was turned around looking in back of me saying, ‘Here it comes’ and I’m going, ‘What?,'” Jim DeFerio said. DeFerio does not come across as a man who suffered a heart attack one day ago. A second shock that day came at 4 p.m. as he was being wheeled through the automatic doors to Strong Memorial Hospital’s emergency department. “I turned around and there was a deer I would say about 3 feet high, a small deer, and he ran past me,” said DeFerio from his hospital bed. “It ran right by me slipping as it went and everybody kind of moved aside. What are you going to do? You see a deer coming down fast, so everybody moves.” We showed him a photo being circulated on the Internet. It’s a sight you don’t see every day: deputies wheeling a gurney carrying the injured deer out of the ER. It was DeFerio who inadvertently let him in. “I was really surprised. Here I am being pushed in – heart attack you’ve got your worst fears going that you could die, then this happens! It lightens up the whole thing,” he said. On one level, It would be hard not to see the humor. “He probably was looking for that and thought this is the next best thing,” said DeFerio. Like others, he had high hopes the animal could be saved. But its left rear leg was broken. After it collapsed twice, medical personnel tried to keep the animal calm. “Everybody was concerned about the deer; it was a very unusual situation,” he recalled. An animal control officer examined the animal undetermined its injuries were too exhaustive to treat. It was humanely put down. DeFerio is recovering. He will return to his home in Syracuse this week with a story to tell about the worst day of his life – and the unusual distraction that helped him through it.

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