Inactive Army Post Mysteriously Comes To Life Overnight! Local Residents Baffled!


The upcoming joint military exercise known as Operation Jade Helm 15 continues to baffle Americans. At first, we thought the majority of the activities were going to be focused in Texas, but recently, Utah and Colorado residents have been up in arms, finding mass military troop and equipment movement in their states, and also finding out that their states have been labelled ‘hostile.’

The Facebook page Operation Jade Helm And Beyond has been set up for Americans across the nation to contact and share what they are seeing out there ‘in the field’ as far as suspicious activity goes, and this ominous message was recently sent in by a great American, trying to keep his fellow patriots informed. The same individual sent in all of the pictures in this story to back his claim:


I’m messaging you on a post you had the other day about jade Helm 15 expanding to the Midwest. In the post there was a letter addressed to (Joliet Training Area) in Elwood, Illinois. Well, I happen to live in the town of Elwood, and that military base is less then 5 minutes from me. With that being said, that army base (Joliet Training Area) has been there for many years, probably longer then I’ve been alive, and there has never ever been the type of activity going on there that is going on now.


Everything from multiple vehicles & blackhawk choppers coming and going all day. I believe something secret we don’t know about is going on here. The crazy thing is to that NO ONE has been notified about this military training going on in this town by any kind of law enforcement of the village itself. Everyone’s clueless about whats really happening.


I had to find out by the post you made about it (see story by clicking this blue sentence). So I thank you for bringing the awareness of this situation to light. Here are some pictures from the Joliet Training Area on Arsenal Road in Elwood, Illinois.


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  • rot_soldier

    Go to Google maps and look at the area. Who ever posted the photos is correct that in the past there has been very little activity, but now there seems to be a lot. Not saying JH15 is a threat or not, just saying the pictures are correct.

    • I do not see anything on the Google Map for Elwood, Illinois.

  • David Byrne

    Very interesting and I’d like to know more

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  • I do not see anything on the Google map for Elwood, Illinois.