In Light Of ISIS Hostate Execution China Goes On Ethnic Cleansing Killing Spree In Islamic Neighborhood 28 Dead So Far!

chinese kill muslims

Recently, it was confirmed that ISIS executed a Chinese journalist they’d been holding captive for months. China has shown the world since that announcement that they are able to nut-up, no less than Jordan’s King Hussein after ISIS burned one of their pilots alive nearly a year ago, and Russia’s President Putin after the mongrel Muslims bombed one of his country’s passenger planes last week.

China has been having internal problems with Muslims in their  Xinjiang region, and they have finally decided to take the war to the Muslims, carrying out, in eccense, an “ethnic cleansing” styled military operation there that actually began a couple of weeks ago. As of the latest count, 28 Muslims have been shot and killed by Chinese police in the operation.

Chinese leadership has cited the “double standard” of Western society, in regard to how most Western nations, particuarly the U.S., led by week President B. Hussein Obama, believe that you should fight the evils of Islam with kindness, and turn the other cheek. China has decided to fight evil with equal ferocity, and it would probably be wise for any Muslims in China to keep a very low profile.

It’s hard to blame China as just today, the world awakens to yet another Muslim terrorist attack. See story here:

Breaking News! Islamic Gunmen Just Took 170 People In French Luxury Hotel Hostage!!!

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