Image Banned On Facebook! Has Jade Helm Started Launching Mortars!


An image circulated for a little more than an hour on Facebook on the morning of Saturday, June 6, which was quickly deleted from Facebook. The image showed what is believed part of an Army unit believed to be associated with Operation Jade Helm. The picture was allegedly taken behind a Kroger store in Brandy, Texas.

If you look closely in the collague, it appears as if the military is launching some sort of projectile. What it is exactly, and where it was launched, if this indeed is what is going on in the picture, is unknown. What is known, is that the image was causing quite a stir, especially among folks in that area, and then the image, like stated above, was summarily removed from Facebook.

Fortunatley, a great American in the field sent the picture and the story in, anonymously, to the online watchdog group Operation Jade Helm And Beyond, and they were able to get it to us. Have a closer look at the picture and see what you think.


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  • Wynter Moon

    Doesn’t look big enough to be an air to ground missile launcher. Think maybe someone accidentally shot off a can of smoke…..???