If You See This Hook In Public Restrooms And Hotels Leave Immediately And Call 911!

hook 911

Privacy is a word that we all know, but an aspect of life that has gone by the wayside.

Anyone younger than 30, practically, has never spent a minute of any day enjoying privacy. We are watched by cameras at stop lights, on lamp poles on the street, and believe it or not, you may be being watched right now through the camera on your computer! Either by the NSA if you’ve blasted the establishment on a social media site, or by some nosy neighbor who has access to your wi-fi and some very rudimentary hacking skills.

Then there are the criminal perverts, which brings us to this story.

It seems some criminals in Key West, Florida were placing common robe hooks with hidden camera in them in hotels and public restrooms. They recorded HUNDREDS of videos of girls of all ages bathing, showering and using the restroom.

These hooks were recently found in three locations in Key West. Here are the details by way of media outlet CBS Local Miami:

hook 911 2

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