If Liberals Doubt Need For Armed Citizens… Remind Them Of This Little-Known American Battle

armed citizens

We all know liberals are very picky. For example, if we are to look at the concept of “free speech,” we know that in the liberal mind, we are really only free to say what we feel as long as it’s a liberal statement. For instance, liberals believe we should be free to say “if two men want to have sex with each other, that’s none of my business and it’s perfectly okay.” However, if one were to say, “the Bible says two men ought not lay together,” then the liberals lose their minds and shout ‘homophobe’ and ‘racist’ (even though we did not state which race the two men lying together were), etc.

Liberals are also very picky when it comes to history. There are just certain parts of our history that they do NOT want us to remember. Like the fact that a Republican President (Lincoln) freed the slaves, a Republican President (Reagan) sanctioned MLK day as a Federal holiday, or that the story below, the Battle of Athens, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the citizens of the United States DO NEED to be armed in order to protect themselves from Government control and corruption. Here’s a story we bet NONE of you hear about in the socialistic public schools of America.

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