I Cant Believe That A Hidden Camera Catches A Woman Doing Something Absolutely Horrific!!!

funerDealing with the death of a loved one is an extremely difficult experience as it is, but this woman just made it even worse for the family mourning the loss of Kenneth Grimes.

Video camera footage captured by the Charlie Marshal Funeral Home in Port Aransas, Texas manged to catch this woman doing something absolutely horrific. I can’t believe someone would stoop this low.

The hidden camera captured 56-year-old Theresa Green Mireles fondling Grimes’s corpse, but what she was really doing was stealing a gold chain that hung on the man’s neck.

However, the video does not explicitly show Mireles stealing the chain off of the body, but it does show her “running her hand through the casket, getting really up close and personal, and then putting (what appeared to be) the chain in the waist band of her pants,” according to 47-year-old Crystal Hartt, who is Grimes’s daughter.

Who sits there and steals from a family like that when they’re at their lowest point?” Hartt said. “Losing my dad at the holiday, the way we did, that was really traumatic. Who does that?”

The chain was not particularly valuable, but Grimes wore it everyday and it was a sentimental item for his family.

The local police department along with the funeral home worked together to provide Hartt and her family justice during this difficult time. Mireles was arrested on a warrant and was charged with theft from a corpse or grave, which is a felony that is punishable by up to two years in prison.

This is not the first time Mireles has done something like this. Apparently, she goes by several aliases and has several past charges of larceny and forgery.

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“The way she dug around – so callous – with no respect whatsoever; that’s my dad,” Hartt said angrily. “It meant the world to my mother,” Hartt said about receiving the gold chain back from the police. “It has such sentimental and personal depth for her. It’s just something that meant the world to get back.”

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