I Bet She Doesn’t Try To Milk A Bull Ever Again!


Sure hope someone in the stands finds her TEETH…

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  • Ragman69

    Easily amused neanderthals…..take the rope off those animals while you torture them.

    • nrob

      the rope looked like it could be another obstacle If it would have wrapped around one of the fool’s neck when the bull charged someone else

  • Mary Riewer

    I hope she had the courtesy to warm her hands first before making contact!

  • Roger Stevenson

    Looks wiser to grab the Bull by the Balls than by the Horns?

  • MILAN68

    love watching bulls trample the crap out of stupid people

  • Clive Smith

    mindless twats !

  • john

    This is what my life has come to on Facebook? Watching a girl give a bull a hand job?