Hush Hush… White Church In North Firebombed! Media Silent! Black Lives Matter To Blame?

church fire bombed

In the weeks following the terrible shooting in South Carolina this summer, where a deranged and openly racist youth shot and killed 9 members of a black church, other black churches throughout the south were attacked, mostly with fire by cowards under the cover of darkness. With each attack, the media was quick to rush to the assumption that it must have been attacked by a racist white person, because it was a black church in the South, and aren’t all those whites down there racist?

Well, the tables were recently turned, and surprise surprise, the media is silent.

A predominately white church in the North was recently attacked with Molotov cocktails, and it’s believed that deranged, openly racist blacks are behind the attack, yet no one has come forward to accept responsibility for the attack. It’s even rumored that the Black Lives Matter movement may be responsible for the attack, at least in the sense that the group is preaching hate and promoting violence. It’s likely that the racist black who fire bombed the white church in the North has been emboldened by the hate of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The church attacked is called The Chapel at Crosspoint, and it is in Getzville, New York. $10,000 worth of water damage was done by the sprinkler system, and no one was hurt.


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