How Do You Explain The Suspicious Activities At These Walmart Stores?


It’s common knowledge that WalMart closed five stores back in April that are located in the training area of Jade Helm, supposedly due to needed plumbing repairs, with employees at these stores being given no notice of the store closings.  Since the store closings, many questions have been asked regarding the potential uses of these shuttered WalMarts.  Generally, will they be used in Jade Helm and if so, in what way?

Potential uses being discussed are that they’ll be used for dissident processing in the event of martial law or as food distribution centers after marital law is implemented or as headquarters for foreign militaries brought in to disarm Americans.

Adding to the debate is the question “Are there secret tunnels underneath the closed stores?”  Tunnels that would allow the military to use them for travel and transport if martial law is enacted.  Or, as suggested by some, to take over the great state of Texas.

And now, a WalMart in the Jade Helm area is requiring information on ammunition purchases by customers to be recorded.

From Operation Jade Helm and Beyond

Hey guys I just wanted to share some info you can post to your site if you wish just please keep my name off . Scary stuff! My best friend and I, who purchase ammo regularly, recently went to Walmart in Indio, California. We have purchased ammo since we were 18 at Walmart as well as numerous other stores. Well, on this trip we each bought 6 boxes and had to wait because the cashier had to get an over ride from a manager . Weird and never happened before. Then the manager started asking numerous questions about if we were in law enforcement or why we need so much ammo . We are both Leo’s but didn’t release that info, and just stated we were going shooting. After leaving at the door another manager said, ‘You guys got ammo, I need to check it.’ He had some type of form he wrote on. None of this has ever happened before. Then, as we were leaving, we both thought oh shi* we bought on bank cards so our names are on the transaction. I would recommend buying cash. Just thought I would share the info.

We’re only a few weeks from the start of Operation Jade Helm, are you prepared for all the potential scenarios?