Hot Middle Aged Blond Hands Woman’s Underage Son This Startling Note When She’s Not Looking!

strange lady

A mother recently took her underage son to the doctor because he was sick. There happened to be a very attractive, middle aged woman in the reception area, who kept paying uncomfortable attention to her very much underage son. When the mother looked away for just a moment, she handed her son a very startling note.

strange note

You see, there was nothing off color about what was going on. The woman had overheard the young mother’s plight. She and her husband had halved their last ten dollars that morning. The husband needed $5 in gas to get to work, and the wife took the remaining $5 to take their sick son to the doctor. She found out she needed far more money than that for the co-pay, but she had no clue how she was going to pay it.

The strange lady and her kind note and kind gift made what was a stressful day a very good day after all.

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