(Horrifically Graphic!) They See An 8 Months Pregnant Woman Wearing A Cross And Then…

pregnant cross

Caution: If graphic stories disturb you, click your browser’s back button and do NOT read any further. If you can handle the truth of the dangers we’re facing due to “the invasion,” read on.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of weeks, you know about the nightmare hundreds of German women faced in their country on New Year’s Eve. They were groped and raped by Muslim men right out in the streets, and the German Government has been blaming the victims. Chancellor Merkel came out recently and said that her citizens should expect the Muslim refugees to be less civilized than they are and to go out of their way to avoid them. That’s just a little hard to do when she’s allowing hundreds of thousands of them into Germany so she can win a Nobel Peace Prize.

More recently, on the streets of Germany, a group of four friends were out for a stroll when they came upon a group of approximately one dozen Algerian Muslim refugees. One of the women, a 25 year old who was pregnant, was wearing a Christian cross around her neck. This set the Muslims off, and they eventually took to violence, as is common in their third world peasant culture, especially violence perpetrated against women, whom they view as less than human.

One of the Muslims crashed a glass bottle over the pregnant woman’s head, and another among their group, a 21 year old woman, would also be carved up by glass before the attack was over.

By the time the police arrived, the Muslims had fled back into the shadows. Perhaps Merkel needs to go have a chat with these victims and explain to them how this was all their fault.

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