HOMELESS Veteran Camp Ordered To DISMANTLE While Refugees Get Food, Cash, Benefits (Video)

homeless vet camp

So while Hussein Obama brings in 200k “refugees” from Syria, our own refugees from the Middle East, i.e. the men and women who served there in the military and who have been unable to re-integrate into US society upon their return, are being abandoned yet again. It’s not bad enough that these veterans are treated like third class citizens, but many of them who’d found the closest thing to a home they could, a homeless refugee veteran camp, are now finding themselves completely homeless all over again!
This homeless veteran’s camp is located close to Phoenix, Arizona, where homeless vets can live without the uncomfortableness of nasty northern winters, and they’ve been given three days to tear it down!

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  • Elaine

    This is sad. I hate Obama treating our veterans this way…It’s shameful…we don’t want these refugees here..

    • Chad Dobbins

      Obama has NOTHING to do with it. Its the local government stupidly enacting a local ordnance law.