Homeless Man Infiltrates U.S. Army Special Forces Keeps Privates Squared Away And Responds To QRF Calls For MONTHS!

homeless soldier

Here comes one of the most effed up stories you will ever hear in your life! Yes, it’s worth a laugh, and a head scratch, but it’ll also shed some light on how easy it would be for some “refugees” to infiltrate our military.

It seems that a homeless man in North Carolina was tired of living on the streets, so he somehow managed to get a fake military I.D. and made himself at home with the 82’nd Airborne at Fort Brag. He would later transfer to the 3’rd I.D. special forces division under the same guise.

While he was faking life as a soldier, he promoted himself to E-5, buck sergeant and held routine barracks inspections, making sure he kept his privates squared away. At one point, he is said to have even responded to a potential explosive on base with a QRF team.

Everyone bought the charade for many months, but the cat was finally let out of the bag when he effed up and got busted by some MP’s recently for drinking and driving. Only then did people do some digging and find out this homeless man was not even in the Army. When they came to detain him, he was actually holding a formation, giving instructions to incoming privates and lower enlisted men into the unit.

Wow! And this is a true story, NOT satire!

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