Hillary Clinton Humiliated After Damning Footage Goes Viral

hillary clinton humiliated

Only days ago, Crooked Hillary Clinton made history by dodging perhaps the biggest bullet that anyone in U.S. political history has ever dodged before.

As the presumed Democratic nominee for our next President, Hillary was, at the time, the ONLY Presidential candidate in American history to be under investigation by the FBI.

However, when the FBI chose NOT to indict her on charges pertaining to her illegal and unethical use of sending and receiving classified information across a private email server during her years as Secretary of State, we proved to the world that the U.S. Government is just as, if not more corrupt than any shitty little third world despot country’s Government, be it Mexico, the Philippines, or any number of Governments in the Middle East.

The meme below, by way of media outlet Mr. Conservative, sums it all up in one fell swoop.

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hillary humiliated 2


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