Hillary Clinton Caught Referring To Disabled Children As ‘F*cking Ree-Tards’ – It’s Over For Her

hillary retarded children

Hillary Clinton has just put the final nail in her campaign coffin!

Another bombshell about the true character of Crooked Hillary Clinton was dropped this week in an article by the Daily Mail.

One of Bill Clinton’s thousands of mistresses over the years, Dolly Kyle, was an aid for the First Lady of Arkansas when Slick Willy was Governor for that state. During one Easter, they held an Easter egg hunt for children with special needs on the Capital lawn.

Hillary became frustrated when the children were taking what she felt was too long to find the eggs, and she completely flew off the handle, screaming, “When are these fuc*ing retards going to find those fuc*ing eggs!”

More revelations from Mistress Kyle, by way of media outlet Mr. Conservative:

hillary retarded children 2

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  • Dennis OKeefe

    just more clinton truth that nobody believes but me….

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Was hoping that the headline read: Final nail put in hrc coffin!

    • Gregg628

      Bernie will offer free nails ;-)

    • Albert Lavorata

      we’ve had DOZENS of those stories. the one I’m waiting for is the story reporting her death, hopefully of a suicide with two shots to the back of her head…..

  • davis0102

    There are lots of reasons not to like Hillary, but we’re supposed to believe Bill Clinton’s mistress on this topic? She impeached her character long ago, when she was his mistress.

  • nevertroll

    more bullshit brough to you by Trump..personaly I think the USA is done as a power in the world. to much corruption and evil

    • David

      Why is a negative story, or incident involving Hillary Clinton who is known to be a disgusting and mean woman “more bullshit brought to you by Trump”? Why is it when truth and facts that show the bad side of Hillary, or Obama, is always met with deflection and anger? Why is it Trump is always accused of throwing ugly remarks at other people, but it’s always in a defensive more after being attacked first? Just curious….

      • Jenny

        Donald Trump is a threat to the DNC. Between him and Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) too much truth is being revealed for public scrutiny. Hillary wants Assange assassinated – what do you suppose she’d like to do to Trump?

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    We know how she treated the secret service agents assigned to protect her as flotus. I can only imagine how she will be treating them as potus. Though I do have to wonder would any of them take a bullet for her????

  • Carry Valley

    She’s completely without character…But her admirers will not believe it.
    They, like her, will call it a “right wing conspiracy”…as usual

  • glennmat1

    where is the freaking video of her saying it

    • Albert Lavorata

      that’s what I HATE about these pop up stories!! the only thing I hate worse is the fact that NO ONE reports on it!