Hillary Caught On Tape Saying THIS About “White People”

hillary white people

Crooked Hillary Clinton is desperate! She knows that most Americans know she cannot be trusted, so she is reaching for a play from the Democrats traditional playbook of going after the “down trodden victims” to unify their vote.

After several police officers were ambushed, shot and killed by members of the domestic terror organization Black Lives Matter, she responded with this Tweet:

hillary white people 2

Hillary knows that conservative make up an enormous group in America. However, she also knows that if she can align all the special interest groups, such as poor, uneducated blacks, Hispanics, gays and feminists, she still stands a chance of winning against Trump in November’s election.

She’s grasping for straws at this point, but this seems to be her only hope. America’s only hope is that most folks will not be fooled. There is little to no difference between Hillary’s agenda and Hussein Obama’s agenda, which has been summarily destroying America, a goal he’s had since the beginning of his Presidency, when he aptly stated that it was his goal to “bring America down to a level with the rest of the world.”

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  • Fed Up

    Hillary for Prison 2016 and Obama on the gallows 2017!

  • Ivan S. Montañez

    Not a chance, she had bin lying all her life and she’s a compulsive lier, can’t trust her, all she wants is to keep up with the corrupted machine in Washington, we need real change, whay is she backing up the TERRORIST GROUP Black lives matter,
    Vote trump for President!!! That’s where the real change is at. All lives matter!!!