Hilarious! Resident’s Complaint About Dumpster At Apartment Complex Going Viral!


After living in third  world countries all around the world for most of the past seven years, our man in this article finally returned to the U.S. three months ago to once again enjoy living in a civilized society with high standards of cleanliness, sanitation, and in regard to how we treat others who are not just like this. Though the laimstream media would have us believe America is the most intolerant country on earth, our man suggests anyone who believes this should go live in Southeast Asia or the Middle East for a while and then come back to compare notes.

It seems the apartment complex he’s calling home until he reintegrates to American culture and society and buys a home has neglected a very important sanitation issue. After being polite and giving them ample time to take care of the problem themselves, he wrote the following complaint to the property manager. Is it a bit ridiculous? He says yes, but he also says allowing the problem to persist as long as it has is equally ridiculous, so he didn’t see the need to pull any punches.


Good morning, J******. I’ve not seen you in a while and I hope that you are well.

I wanted to contact you in regard to the commercial dumpster beside my unit (2***). It appears as if the company who cares for it missed a pick up several weeks back. By the time they got back on schedule, quite a heap of rubbish had accrued in and around the dumpster area, and in time, the area has begun looking like the Philippines (or any other third world dump). Over the course of the past week, it’s begun smelling like the Philippines as well, as some of the organic waste people had thrown on the ground when the dumpster had been overflowing has gone far past the point of fermenting. Actually, the scent has begun permeating my unit, and I awakened with horror this morning, after having dreamed that I was back in the islands, running from toothless men trying to sell me their wives, sisters and daughters to do with what I would, in order for them to buy another gallon of coconut wine. I awakened, relieved at first, realizing I was sleeping on a real
mattress, not a two inch thick foam pad on bamboo planks, but when the scent from the dumpster hit me, I was convinced I was back in third world hell, and that  it was the last three months of my life back in the U.S., where standards are much higher, especially in regard to cleanliness, had been the dream.

It would be great if you could get a crew down here to clean this place up. I’ve been around the world, and what I can tell you, is that what follows dumpsters with rotten filth is nothing pretty. Next thing you know, they’ll be non-tax reporting businesses of all types,human trafficking, typhoons (even though we border the Atlantic, not the Pacific- those rascally typhoons have a way of seeking out third world filth), and they’ll be having cookouts where the main courses are boiled baby chicken fetuses, dog, and the sex organs of cows and pigs, all served with vinegar and Chile in order to hide the possibility that the food was extracted from the dumpster in question. These are the things that migrate toward third world living, which the dumpster beside my apartment unit has come to represent.

Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter, and again, I hope you are well.

unit 2***

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