Here’s The Biggest Bold Faced Lie Hillary Told In The Debate And Most People Missed It!


There is one, sure fire way to tell if Crooked Hillary Clinton is lying.

Her lips are moving.

Last night, Hillary told one of the biggest, bold faced lies she’s ever told in her entire career (and there’s been a ton of lies in those thirty years), and most people missed it, because she is so good at lying that she sounds entirely convincing. She even convinced Trump, because he didn’t pursue it.

When Trump called Hillary out for doing nothing in Syria, even after the Muslim in Chief, Hussein Obama, made his “red line in the sand” comment, where he stated he’d attack Syria militarily if they used chemical weapons on their own people, which they did, and after which Hussein Obama did nothing, Hillary said that she’d already left the State Department.

“I was gone,” Clinton said, when Trump asked her why she claims she’s will to do so much in Syria now, when she needs votes, but when she was Secretary of State, she did absolutely nothing. “At some point, we need to do so fact checking,” she continued.

Well, guess what, Crooked Hillary. We’ve done our fact checking. The “red line in the sand” comment was made in 2012. You were Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, so you were, in fact, there.

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