Here’s How You Can Contact Charlteston Gunman Dylann Roof On Facebook And Let Him Know Your Thoughts


Allegedly, the young man they’re pinning the heinous South Carolina shooting on is a young man named Dylann Roof. Ironically, his Facebook account is still active, but it might not be for long.

Want to tel him know how you feel? Do you think he’s a white supremacist piece of shite? Do you think he’s a Government patsy for something more sinister going on behind the scenes?

Click on his Facebook profile picture below to be taken straight to his Facebook account and let him know! PS- if you’re on his ‘friends list’ I’d be getting the hell off of it, before the men in black show up at your door.


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  • gwtx2

    His FB page has been removed. It was there up to about an hour ago.